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Call: (514) 278-1001

Using the sleep therapy database management system, adjustments will be made on your machine based on the compliance information of the therapy generated from your machine.

The most effective and widely accepted non-surgical treatment for sleep apnea is therapy with CPAP. It is a device that gently delivers pressurized air through a tube and mask, to keep your upper airway open.

Depending on your sleep study results, we can also help treat and monitor your sleep apnea so you can get a good night’s sleep. Our sleep specialist works directly with you and your doctor to ensure you get the right CPAP for maximum therapeutic effectiveness.

We regularly monitor your sleep details and generate sleep reports, which provide detailed graphical data and high-resolution flow data. Reports include compliance and therapy data for up to 365 days. Available data may include your average usage, total hours used, total number of days used, hours of operation and pressure. This service is also available to our patients who are outside Canada, thanks to our remote reporting software.

PPC Titration

Now, from the comfort of your home, you can have the advantage of a Titration made on a continuous positive pressure equipment. This CPAP Titration is a sleep study performed by an automated titration machine, which is used to determine the most effective airflow setting for your CPAP device. This study makes it possible to verify that you have an adequate pressure, which will produce the best possible results. CPAP titrations are often recommended for those who have used the same CPAP machine on the same parameter for more than a year. If you are a current CPAP user, it is advantageous to get your machine re-titrated during an automatic CPAP Titration Test.